Le Marche: Hands – on, Pasta Making in the Blooming Hills

Le Marche: Hands – on, Pasta Making in the Blooming Hills

€850 per person

Le Marche: Hands – on, Pasta Making in the Blooming Hills

A tour to discover the gentle hills of Le Marche Region countryside together with the extraordinary variety of flavors that the tradition of these lands has generated. Starting from Montefabbri, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, our journey continues towards inland that has developed a unique and ancient enogastronomical tradition.

From April to October
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Meeting with the Tour Leader at the Rimini airport, transfer to the Hotel/Agritourism. Short trip to the medieval village of Montefabbri, where we will visit a family running an organic farm and we will taste their products, ranging from sauces to jams to juices and sauces. It could be an opportunity to buy a souvenir to take home or an alternative gift. Before dinner, we will have an aperitif in the Hotel/Agritourism during which will be illustrated the program of the week.

Touristic ★

1 hours walking, Lenght 1 km, 20 m gain.

The day starts with a walk starting from Montegridolfo. We will finish in Mondaino, where we will finish tasting a very typical local cheese called “Formaggio di Fossa”. After lunch we will attend a master class in which a chef will show us how to make homemade traditional Italian pasta. In this occasion we will learn what the secrets for high quality homemade pasta are. We will spend our afternoon in a wellness centre, in order to relax and recharge our batteries. At dinner we will enjoy the result of our afternoon work.

Touristic ★

1 hours walking, Lenght 1 km, 20 m gain.
Today we will go to the ancient city of Gubbio, located in Umbria, next to the border with Le Marche. The trip to Gubbio itself is an experience: amazing mountains and beautiful landscapes can be seen everywhere. We will walk together in the historic center of this very old town, being amazed by its narrow streets and astonishing monuments. One of the most important monuments is the “Palazzo dei Consoli” a masterpiece of medieval architecture which deserves to be visited. Gubbio is so rich in history and monuments that in the same morning we will have a look at the Roman theater, built in the 1st century BC. But we will not settle for single places and monuments. To have a complete view of Gubbio and its surroundings we will climb the cable car to the hill of Ingino, up to the 16th-century basilica of Sant'Ubaldo. And those who want can have fun going back to the city center on foot! In the afternoon, on our way back, we will stop for a very unusual meeting... special dogs await us together with their owners. They are trained to hunt truffles. We will see how the harvest of this highly prized underground mushroom works! Obviously the experience will end with the tasting of products based on truffles!

Beginners ★★

3 hours walking, 8 km Lenght, 250 m gain
On this day we will go to Urbino (Unesco Heritage) - a city that has preserved the appearance and the atmosphere of the Renaissance period. Urbino, homeland of Raphael, is perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscape. After having seen the astonishing masterpieces of great Renaissance masters, we will go back home with unforgettable impressions. After an independent visit of the town center, Palazzo Ducale and the fortress of Albornoz, we will also visit a very ancient and particular botanical garden. For lunch we will taste the typical Urbino “Crescia” (a sort of stuffed yeast-free bread) and the famous “Casciotta” a typical Urbino cheese. After lunch, we will transfer to nearby State Natural Reserve the "Gola del Furlo" (Furlo Gorge) for a walk through nature and culture along the Flaminia Route. Since 220 BC this street connects Rome to the coast of Adriatic sea! We will sightsee some of the astonishing extreme engineering solutions found by ancient romans to build a street along the gorge (viaducts, tunnels and more!). This Reserve is a true paradise for both nature and history lovers. After such a rich day we deserve a special dinner rich of local flavours.

Beginners ★★

7 hours walking, 8 km Lenght, 250 m gain
This will be our last breakfast together. See you the next time! N.B. The activity order and contents can change in order to the Guide decision, in case specific circumstances occur.
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Minimum number of partecipants: 6
Allergies and specific diet:
Don’t forget to inform us about your specific dietary need. Last minute request may not be accepted. On the route could be difficult to find detail food like gluten – free. For this reason we higly recommend to bring your own food.
Transfer: It is possible to organize, on request, the transfer from/to Pesaro train station to/from the accomodation.

Single bedroom: On request with extra cost.



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Price: €850

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  • 4 nights in double or triple bedrooms with breakfast included;
  • Transportation on private minibuses;
  • AIGAE Certified Nature and Walking Guide;
  • Fuel costs and van tools;
  • Tasting of organic products in a family run farm;
  • Truffles hunting experience in Gubbio;
  • “Crescia di Urbino” tasting;
  • “Fossa Cheese” tasting in Mondaino;
  • Pasta cooking class.
  • Customer Assistance Insurance

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