Tuscany:”The Way of Gods”, from Bologna to Florence

Tuscany:”The Way of Gods”, from Bologna to Florence

€900 per person

La Via degli Dei: from Bologna to Florence

La Via degli Dei is a path that connects Bologna to Florence. The route, literally The Route of Gods, retrace an ancient historical road, Via Flaminia, wanted by the Etruscan and then used during the Roman period. The name of the route probably comes from the toponyms of some mountains crossed like Monte Adone (Mt. Adonis), Monzuno (Mt. Jupiter), Monte Luario (Lua, Goddess of Penitence). With a light backpack, we will lose ourself in the Appennine forest, walking through enchanted landscape until Florence.

April - June / September - October
1st Day: From Bologna to Badolo

Meeting in Bologna town centre where our adventure will start. From Piazza Maggiore, town’s heart, we will pass through the St. Luke’s arcade with its 666 arches, reaching the church of Our Lady of St. Luke. In 1433 constant rains fell over the Bolognese territory threatening the entire harvest. The Elders of Bologna decided to carry the image of the Madonna, maybe painted by Luca the evangelist, down to the city to avoid the risk of starvation. The rain suddenly stopped. Since then, the effigy is carried down to the Cathedral of St. Pietro the days before the Ascension. By an irony of fate, those days it rains.


Highlander ★★

6/7 hours walking, 21 km lenght, 817m elevation+, 515m elevation - .

2nd Day: From Badolo to Madonna dei Fornelli

We will reach the top of Mt. Adone and take a breath. We are immersed in a real geological open – air museum: the Pliocene Spur, where fossils and shells show that these places were covered by the sea. Climbing down from the top of Mt Adone, you can enjoy a splendid view over the valley. You can also observe two kind of vegetation: brooms, chestnut and oaks typical of the Appennines.

Highlander ★★

9 hours walking, 28 km lenght, 1460m gain+, 1038m gain-

3rd Day: From Madonna dei Fornelli to Monte di Fo

Our body is getting used to his more natural instinct: walking. Next stop Madonna dei Fornelli a typical Appenine town. Born as an holiday destination today can withstand competition with Alpine dews, offering tourists a protected typical Emilian environment. Along the way, we can observe striated sandstone cliffs from 50cm to few metres thick. It is “pietra serena” which dates back to Etruscan and Roman times used for typical architectural works in this area. We will get our first destination: reaching Mt. Poggiaccio we will be halfway to Florence!

Passionate ★★★

5/6 hours walking, 17km lenght, 783m elevation+, 753 elevation - 

4th Day: From Monte di Fo to San Piero a Sieve

The hardest part of the trail finish: Florence is not too far away. Sweet hills and sleepy villages will go along with us until San Piero a Sieve. It was an important village in the Middle Ages thanks to its strategic position and its bridge. The bridge, which connected Florence to the Romagna and the Casentino to the Valdarno was repeatedly destroyed by the River Sieve flood and was restored to its original shape until the 1943 bombing.

Passionate ★

6 hours walking, 21 km Lenght, 641m elevation+, 1197 elevation -

5th Day: From San Piero a Sieve to Fiesole

It is going to be the last real hiking day. We will see Trebbio Castel (a medieval building commissioned by Cosimo de’ Medici. It also hosted important historical figures like Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Giovanni dalle Bande Nere and Amerigo Vespucci) and Buonsollazzo Abbey. It takes its name from the Latin “bonum solacium”, meaning good sun exposure, due to its constant exposure to the sunlight. We will spend our last night in Fiesole, an Etruscan town with an importan archeological area: the roman theatre, the St. Romolo Cathedral and St. Francesco Monastery. In 1506 fiesole hills was the place of a very revolutionary experiment: Leonardo Da Vinci flying machine testing.

Highlander ★★

8 hours walking, 26 km Lenght, 1000m elevation +, 1100m elevation -

6th Day: From Fiesole to Florence
Triumphant arrival in Florence and self – guided visit of the town centre to enjoy the pearl of the italian Reinaissence. Way back by train to the starting train station and end of our services.

Beginners ★

3 hours walking, 7 km Lenght, 200m elevation +, 300m elevation -

N.B. The activity order and contents can change in order to the Guide decision, in case specific circumstances occur.
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Tour info

Minimum number of participants: 6
Luggage and backpacks: A good level of physical training is required. We will walk the entire route on foot with a small backpack. Luggages will be moved from one accomodation to the other.
Allergies and specific diet: Don’t forget to inform us about your specific dietary need. Last minute request may not be accepted. On the route could be difficult to find detail food like gluten – free. For this reason we higly recommend to bring your own food.
Single bedroom: On request with extra cost


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