Why hiking?

Our values


Life is about choices and we did them!


Travelling with us means spending an alternative holiday far away from mass tourism.


We chose to travel as much sustainable as possible.


We go on foot, with small group of people interested to merge nature and culture.


A certified guide will help every group of people to become aware travellers.

Hiking & Us


Hiking is healty not just fort the body but also for the soul and for us it means:


  • Break up routine and let the mind free from anxiety and concerns;
  • Meet new people, share adventures enriching our personal wealth of experiences;
  • Accept unexpected event and go through them with optimism: problems sometimes allow us to go beyond your limits;
  • Model yourself to changes, learing to appreciate sharing and simplicity;
  • Slow travelling, enjoying, smelling, observing and touching Nature;
  • Recover your time’s value;
  • Clear from noise and enjoy Nature sound;
  • Observe bright colours with so many shades;
  • Move in open space with no limits;
  • Don’t be in rush. Hiking is about the journey, not the goal.

To finish…


We believe that travel is learning and taking time to understand places that we are visiting. We support a responsable tourism as much sustainable as possible.


We believe that good things come in small packages. For this reason, we organize small groups to be in contact easier tot he hosting community. We choose local products and accomodation facilites to promote local economy.


We believe that travel is synonimous of experience, to share and experiment with others. Our day trip and tour don’t follow the path of mass tourism but look for authentic reality.


This is Slow Tourism!

We are focusing on:


i. Eco-Tourism: hiking, Nature and outdoor activities in Natural Parks with unique scenaries, respecting the environment;


ii. Enogastronomic tours: day trip and tours to discover the best local products, from stunning landscape to yummy food;


iii. Cultural Tourism: Natural heritage meets the incredible richness of history, architecture and culture. We are mixing together different aspect to build up original and interesting tours.

Hiking benefitsMens sana in Corpore sano


Walking improve your muscle tone. Your articulations mantain an high level of ligament and tendons flexibility. Your bones stay compact, preventing risk of skeleton sickness like osteoporosis.


Excercise stimulate your heart to increase mass and power.


Regular reduce icthus and heart attack risk, improving blood circulation. Also your thoracic muscle get better with Hiking, enhancing your respiratory system. All the energy you need to walk come from respiration.


Hiking relax also your mind: encourage sleep, increase your personal life satisfaction and mitigate depression.


So, Il Ponticello means longer life!

Il Ponticello leads to:


  • Addiction to pure air, open space and Nature;


  • Intolerance to city traffic and noise;


  • Less use of drugs;


  • Increasing friends number;


  • Less visit to supermarket;


  • More knowledge about nature and biodiversity


We are waiting for you!

Difficulty code

Beginners or thrill – seekers?



Itineraries on road or large track that don’t require specific training or bearing skills. However, it is necessary to don’t have reduced mobility or cardiovascular disease.
200 m maximum gain and 3 h maximum walking (break excluded)

Difficoltà ★☆☆☆



Itineraries on easy to find tracks. They need a minimum of training and equipment.
400 m maximum gain and 4 h maximum walking (break excluded)

Difficoltà ★★☆☆



Itineraries on easy to find tracks, also in snowy areas with moderate slope. They need a minimum of equipment and bearing skills, walking training in mountain conditions for few hours.
600 m maximum gain and 5 h maximum walking (break excluded)

Difficoltà ★★★☆



Itineraries not well marked. They need a reasonable mountain knowledge and absence of vertigo. Physical training should be appropriate for a full day walking.
600 m maximum gain and more than 5 h walking (break excluded).

Difficoltà ★★★★